Turning Point Revision

Turning Point Revision

Invest in yourself by establishing an unclouded game plan for life.


Weekly Schedule

One-Day Anger Management Class

This class is designed to help individuals control their anger issues. Topics covered: Understanding the Anger Habit, Anger Hot-Spot, Anger & Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Managing Out of Control Anger

This is a two (2) day Anger Management Class.  Day one, attendees are given an Anger Questionnaire, and a Stress Test. The class focus on Triggers & Hot-Spots, and Becoming aware of their anger. Day two will cover: Understanding Self-Talk, Anger is a Choice, Stress Management, and Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Coping and Understanding Your Anger – Anger Management Class (Intensive)

This class is designed to empower individuals to take control of their anger by developing strategies and techniques to calm the anger within. This is for individual who needs eight (8) or more classes.

Topics covered: Definition of Anger, Anger & Stress Management, Understanding the Anger Habit, Anger Hot-Spot & Triggers, Tracking Anger Within, Walking Out vs. Time Out, Styles of Communication, The Power of Self-Talk, Anger is a Choice, The Negative Effects of Anger On You and Others, Invalidation & Validation, Developing Emotional Intelligence, and Anger Management Prevention Plan.

*Each attendee are given and Anger Management Assessment
*This class is not designed for domestic violence

Active Parenting- Parenting Education Class

Our program courses are age group specific from Birth – 4 years old, 5 – 12 years old, and 13 -17 years old. It encompasses six (6) sessions over the course of six weeks. We focus on enhancing the skills and abilities of parents of all ages to develop, encourage, and nurture their children. The journey of your child's early years includes many developmental milestones for how he or she plays, learns, speaks, and acts. We acknowledge the importance of additional instruction and care for parents as well as learning to balance parenting with other facts of life, such as school and work. Topic includes: Safe Sleep for Babies, Active Parenting, Cooperation & Communication, Responsibility & Discipline, Building Courage & Self-Esteem, Understanding & Redirecting Misbehavior, and Active Parenting for School Success.
Motivation for Change class (4 Components)
This is a four (4) weeks course designed to help individuals address various issues to help them find a path towards positive changes they can truly embrace.




**All Payments Non Refundable.